Tri Lion Company works with a variety of companies to provide them the infrastructure, support and resources to enhance company growth and elevate their overall presence in the US market.

Sourcing and Manufacturing

When the need is to have product prototype, manufactured and delivered we are the team that can get this done. With over 30 years of experience in contract manufacturing Tri Lion Company can assist making that new product come to market quickly and cost effectively.

Sales and Marketing

Offering a team of sales professionals experienced in a variety of industries to support your brand growth in the US market place. With ability to offer a straight forward results oriented On-line product which includes Amazon.com. Marketing services include, website design, social media platforms, graphic design, branding and brand building.

Logistics and Distribution

Our company offers complete logistic solutions for both domestic and international companies. Offering companies, real time inventory and inventory control, direct to consumer fulfillment and complete customer service package.


We put our experience and resources to work for you to help your small business run like a big business.

Boutique Logistics

  • Warehouseing and fullfilment
  • White glove customer service
  • Inventory control and reporting
  • 3 PL and International freight


  • Marketing assements, product and analysis
  • Website creation and Social Media
  • Validate current product mix
  • Tradeshows and consumer events


  • Optimizing sales strategies, pricing matrix development
  • Channel indentification, development and execution strategy
  • Order processing and customer support
  • Sales reporting and progress reporting


  • Sales Force optimization
  • Contact management
  • Reports and dashboard
  • Sales analysis and sales forecasting


  • OEM management
  • Prototype development
  • Project management
  • OEM selection process


The people behind the magic
Thomas P. O’Mara
Has over 36 years of experience in the consumer electronics industry. Mr. O’Mara was a manager and director in marketing and sales for Pioneer Electronics Car Audio Division; President of Curtis Mathis/uniView Technologies; Vice President of sales and marketing with SimpleDevices and a managing Director with its corporate owner, Rockford Corporation. He joined Phoenix Gold International in 2004 as Senior Vice President of Sales prior to Peak Audio Group’s acquisition which was orchestrated by Mr. O’Mara. He was promoted to President and CEO in May of 2008. Mr. O’Mara is the CEO and the major shareholder of Tri Lion Company LLC, and is a member of its board of directors.
Robert Wei
Sourcing Manager
20 year career academically and professionally has been focused on Global Strategic Sourcing. Upon graduation from San Francisco State University with major in International Business in 1999, he began working as Purchasing Manager for Keeco, the biggest China-US trading company in Home Textile at that time. In his last year at Keeco, he has helped to re- organize two branch offices in China (Shanghai & Qingdao), to achieve low overhead cost and expansion of its functions. In 2005, Robert joined LumiSol Electrical as President of China division, set up two sourcing offices in China (Suzhou & Ningbo), brought in unique design and great pricing products from partner factories, and successfully sold to major retailers around the world. Products sourced started in Garden tools, but soon expanded into Garden lights, TV Mounts, Batteries and etc. After 10 yeart at LumiSol, Robert decided apply his skills into Consumer Electrics as he joined APAT Investment Group, and acting as Managing Director for its new division APAT Electrical, He set up new company in Shenzhen with staff of 20, and soon has started providing quality phone accessories to big retailers such as Best Buy. During his time at APAT, he has also identified and acquired Damson Audio in U.K., in line with company strategy to own brand names in addition to its OEM business with Speakers, Headphone, Power Banks, and etc. Robert has lived and worked in China and speaks excellent Mandarin and Cantonese. He has great practice in Logistic and Supply Chain solutions, and he is an expert negotiator with extensive experience achieving win-win solutions.  He has great experience setting up and managing oversea offices/companies, and very familiar with labor law and accounting practice in China. He has recently moved to Portland, OR with his wife and two boys, and enjoy what Lake Oswego could offer with its school, weather, people. He look forward to accomplish more with his new position as Senior VP of Global Sourcing at Tri Lion.
JD Moore
Director of Sales
From an early age I’ve been steeped in Consultative and Strategic business solutions for stakeholders, decision makers, and clients in need of creative routes to profitable destinations, in both large and small business capacities. My decades-long experience has given me opportunities to learn and master current sales methodologies, work within and build dynamic teams of market leaders, and use my relationship building skills to acquire long-term, annuity clients who have become friends. I’m driven by discovering client concerns and questions and finding answers that address those concerns, and help them move their business forward. Upon creation of solutions, gaining an understanding of the business culture, strategic objectives, and challenges, we can craft a process that will achieve the intended business outcomes.
TJ O’Mara
Director of Operations & Customer Support
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Mary O’Mara
Vice President of Finance
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